Nitrate test lab 2006Nitrate test lab
Each year the District runs a nitrate test lab for producers that do pre-sidedress nitrate testing.  Nitrate testing is an excellent and inexpensive way of determining the available nitrogen (N) in your soil just before sidedressing and could reduce the amount of commercial nitrogen that needs to be applied.  Results for samples delivered by 3 p.m. Monday thru Thursday are generally available the following day by 1 p.m.  Results for samples delivered on Friday will be available on Monday.  The cost of analysis is $10.00 per sample.


custom mowing


Custom Mowing
The cost will be $25 – $50 (depending on conditions) per acre with a $40 mobilization fee.



Jug pic 2012


Pesticide Jug Recycling
Pesticide jugs will be collected from May 1st thru September 30th for recycling.  Please call to make an appointment for a drop off time. Jug recycling bags are available at the District office. Jugs must be no larger then 2.5 gallon pesticide jug,  triple rinsed with loose labels and caps removed.